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My sense is that those of you who started reading my blog two years and four months ago, read only me,  and I still have not enticed you into commenting here, which is more than fine, especially today when everything is fine, but today, I received great support from Calenorn, Dave at Searby, and Joan at jblindsight, and if you click up at the top on my "friends," you can learn from them, too.

You can also read their comments that are at the bottom of the postings, and you, also, don't have to.   You can do whatever you want to do.  Permission given by you!!   Freedom!!!    Breathe!!!

I realize now in this discussion of soul with Searby, and what it might be, it has been important for me in these last few moments, or perhaps hours now to acknowledge my passion, to take my soul like a ball of clay in my hand, and give it organs, veins and arteries, to bring my soul more to life.

Carl Jung built a tower with his own hands.  So did Robinson Jeffers and I believe Rilke may have too.  I need to check that out, but the idea of working with our hands in that way is that we "wrestle the soul into the body."

It is quite an image, and again, I need to remember to whom to give credit.

"Wrestle the soul into the body."

All this with Bella has me imaging her "innards," imaging them well, and imagining how the blood pulses and the spirit dwells.  I saw her stunned and in shock.  I have seen her come back to fuller life.  All of this is my way of wrestling my soul more fully into my body, and what I learn is that I am a passionate being.  I love life and family and friends and animals and rocks and earth and moon and sky.

I am here, and we are here together.  The wonderful image of Matisse, the dancers pops now into mind.  

Hold hands and dance.   Begin to open like blossoms of spring.


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