Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
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public vs. private -

This is an excerpt from an article in The Economist on e-government.

    "The hard lesson for government is that citizens will adopt technology when it is both optional and beneficial to them, but resist it strenuously when it is compulsory, no matter how sensible it may seem.  To take another example, if users of public transport in London were told that in future all their trips would be logged by the authorities, they would revolt. But offered lower fares if they use an Oyster card, issued by a branch of government called Transport for London, they have few objections.  Nor do they seem to mind much that the same body photographs their car every time they visit central London on a working day to enforce the capital's congestion charge.

    Oddly, people seem to mind even less about how much information the private sector holds about them.  Supermarket loyalty cards record all their purchases, however revealing, and search engines note everything they have been looking for on the internet. People who would strongly resist giving any personal information to the government are quite happy for Google to know that they have been searching for "hot Asian babes". 

    And on the article goes.  We are an odd group indeed, we people, and perhaps that is why we are so fun, funny, and unique.

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