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The Universe is Intelligent!!

This is from Jon Carroll today.   Check out the link in his column.  

Jon Carroll:

"Speaking of the Big Bang, which I did in a recent column, reader Ann Ceraldi sent me a link (links.sfgate.com/ZCLY) to an article about photons that made my ears bleed. I suspect this is old hat to the quantum physicists among you, but to me, all new.

Photons, as everyone knows, are little bundles of light energy. (Light also comes in wave form, but I so don't want to get into that.) Someone proposed doing a "double slit" experiment. Get two tiny slits side by side, and send a very small beam of light through them. The photons, in theory, would have to choose between Slit A or Slit B.

So, given the random nature of inanimate stuff, one might expect an equal distribution of light chunks behind Slit A and Slit B. But no, the light forms one big circle as though there were no slits at all. Why should this be? No one knows. The researchers then conducted further experiments (available at the link; I could not hope to explain them) and concluded that photons are "entangled," which means that photons "must be able to communicate ... through some means that is unknown to us."

Not only that, they can apparently communicate with each other ) across the universe. What? This could be a hoax, although it sure doesn't look like one and a search of the urban legend site Snopes.com doesn't turn up anything. So maybe, like the man said, the universe is not only weirder than we know, it's weirder than we can know."


The above reminded me of Pythagoras, who I thought on his deathbed shouted out, "The universe is intelligent," but I could find nothing on-line to accord with that.  I enjoyed reading about Pythagoras.  He created the word "philosopher," and called himself that, "a lover of wisdom."    By that definition, I think most of us could quality as philosophers, lovers of wisdom.  Yes!    The rain begins!!

I check out the website Jon Carroll suggests and come away with this paragraph.  Entanglement is my word for the day.

"Entanglement is not something we encounter in our everyday world.  The concept of locality does not hold for the entangled state like it does for everything in our  experience.  We encounter things that have a particular location, we can say that a particular thing is here and not there.  We certainly do not encounter things that are in two places at once.  However, this is possible on the quantum level.  Two photons that are in an entangled state can be separated across the universe, but they are still connected together.  In this experiment, with each measurement that was performed, the way the photons were entangled changed.  This caused the very strange results that were observed.  We like to think about photon p as being in one place and photon s as being in another apart from p.  But this is not really the case..  We have to start thinking in ways that aren't consistent with what we experience in our larger scale world.  Entanglement seems to play a very important role on the quantum scale of the world,  so we need to think about it in new ways."


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