Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

the debate -

 I am not a television watcher, but decided tonight it was time I watch one of the many debates.  What a great deal of hoopla.  I thought I was watching a football game.   To me,  they were evenly balanced in the first section, and the score was tied.  Then, Barack hit his stride.   Hilary did a sweet last moment and I was waiting for the tear.   Now, the analysis still goes on for those of us incapable of taking a moment to think it through for ourselves.  Are we a hive?

I understand that Hillary had to hit it out of the park.  She is behind and she knew it.  I almost felt, at one point, she conceded, and, as I say, her last words seemed heart-felt.  That said, I thought Barack stepped in and took it away.  He is saying what we want to hear, what we need to hear.

I feel proud of both Democratic candidates.  I think back to the debates of Bush and Kerry, or were they "town meetings" and I could not believe bush with the little pack on his back, answers fed,  and, of course, he wasn't really elected.  To have had such stupidity these last seven years, and to listen to such intelligence tonight, and both Hillary and Barack are bright and thoughtful and know the issues, and they care.  They actually care.  It is such a relief.

The entertainment is over for the night, and it is helpful to know that the Democrats have two wise people running, and they had more.  Surely this is no contest against the Republicans. 

The debate was in Austen, Texas, and I aligned with the applause. 

The people are speaking.  They are listening and aware.  I feel hope in the recognition that it is time for cooperation and change, and Barack Obama still seems, in this moment and according to the analysis I did listen to, "the one."

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