Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

The moon is shining in the sky this morning, announcing we may have sun.  It is as bright as the little bird next to me, a feathered friend I love.

My hair this morning has a piece that is sticking up like the topknot on a quail.   It seems it will be there until I hop into the shower.  It is quite determined to rise.  I think of my quail friends this morning.  They are often exuberantly here, chattering and defending and standing up even to the car.  I wonder where they are now, where they go.

I am reading Victor Vernon Woolf's book, The Dance of Life, about Holodynamics.   I'm not far enough into the book to understand it yet, or maybe a course is required to "get" it, but what I am absorbing so far is the idea of "becoming" something else, or someone else, to understand what is going on for them.  Vern was scuba-diving when he had a face to face encounter with a manta ray where the manta ray took him on a "trip" of experience.  He traveled ike Scrooge in The Christmas Carol.  (That's my analogy.  It may not be how Vern would describe it.)  It was quite something, so I thought this morning I would imagine myself as a quail.  Maybe today I will encounter them, though I believe they usually arrive later in the spring.  The trees continue amazing, with blossoms of pink, white, and yellow.   Each blossom is like a band-aid on the wounds that simmer within.   I am dwelling with the passing of my cousin Greg, and in great concern for little Kara who is not healing as we all have wished.   She will not come home from the hospital today.  It is agonizing for her and her family, and my body/mind shares their pain.  

Prayers for all who suffer right now.   I look out on the moon and swing myself up on its light, and still, I feel some weight of concern within.

and just as I type Light, the sky lays a pink blanket on the ridge.   Oh, and now, there is a pink streak  in the sky.   Wow!

Like that, may Kara heal and come home!!


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