Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

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My thoughts today are still strongly with my cousin Greg.  Memories flood back, and, as my brother says, the memories seem like today though many are over fifty years old.   How can that be?  It is the childhood memories that speak strongest, though one time after he had been stationed in Alaska for a winter, he visited us in San Diego.  I remember him now sitting in the chair, thinking he had gone to heaven.   He was astonished at the array of fresh fruits and vegetables, the air.  My friend Lee is in Alaska right now, and perhaps this is a mild winter.  She said it is 20 degrees above zero and people are out cavorting in shirts and shorts.  She is bundled, being of our weaker bay area blood.

Greg read my blog and sometimes teased me about the "California slant."  It was fun to know he was there, possibly rolling his eyes at times.   I miss him and his response.  


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