Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Taxes -

I told Jane I was going to do the taxes today that I had planned to do over the weekend, but then, felt too devastated to do.

She asks me just now if I am begun.  I explain that my doing of taxes is a ritual.   I have candles lit, and I am going through prayers, poems and meditations.  I prepare.  I consider the vast outflow of money that is taxes, the energy, and I want to honor the ritual of preparing my taxes, the gift of opening up to see what I gave this year, to honor what matters to me.

I like to image my tax dollars as used for children, parks, schools, and roads.   Other people can image their tax dollars for weapons and security if that is what matters to them, but I prefer to imagine children playing in parks, running and jumping with minds filled with poems, air and teachings of rational and intuitive thought.

This is a long explanation to say that for me doing my taxes is more than opening the forms, and pulling out the folder of receipts.  It is an honoring of a huge part of my life, a re-examination of this last year.

I take time to prepare before I begin the actual act, and then it seems to flow rather easily, but it takes me time to expand to begin.


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