Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

update on Kara -

The feeding tube is out, and she is off morphine and on Tylenol.   She may be able to come home Friday, or else Monday.   I don't know what happened to Saturday and Sunday, but that there is now a date of homecoming is exciting.   Elaine snuck Lulu, their little dog into the hospital, so that was a special treat.  Kara is still not up for visitors, but a little dog is certainly not in the category of a visitor, but instead is a joyful wiggle of appreciation, love, and vibrant tail-wagging energy.   Prayers and visualizations are still needed, but she was able to digest a little homemade chicken broth, so that is a huge step forward.  

I feel a great place of relief.  I look up at the moon, that half circle of light and know that life is meant to contain both the light and the dark, and the dark sets the lights off so beautifully, and it is also lovely to see a brightening sky.   Soon there will be pink in the sky and Kara's cheeks.

Think pink!!

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