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Angeles Arrien

Karen studies with Angeles Arrien and she mentioned last night that "Angie" suggests each day that we perform three acts of self-care.

Hmmm!    Have you performed your acts of self-care yet today?   Do you notice when you do and when you don't?   Three acts seems like a great deal, but I suppose it is how we define them.  Perhaps it is just noticing as we brush our teeth, chew our food, look out on the changing light.  

I went to the website of Angeles Arrien, and I post the words from the first page.  I would say just click on the link but these are February words and may change with March.

Her website is: http://angelesarrien.com/

February 2008     

Listening to the Call

“How do we listen for, as well as distinguish the calls that are raining upon us constantly, as often they are obscured by our inattention? As the sculptor Auguste Rodin once said, “We need to listen as if to hear from behind the wall, the songs of birds who populate the secret garden.” If we don’t listen, the callings go unnoticed, and we are the worse for it. Our lives become absurd––ab-surdus, meaning to be absolutely deaf. We must listen like someone in love. As the theologian Paul Tillich once said, the first duty of love is to listen.

Listening is hard work, whether we are in love or not. The discipline of paying close attention to ourselves, to others, to the vital signs that come across the screen of our lives informs us through dreams, intuitions, feedback, and longings, which help us know or awaken to what our calls are. The practice of listening will tell us what is true and what is not, when to proceed and when to postpone, what to trust or not, which directions to take at the crossroads, and what’s right for us and where we are willing to be led.

In discerning a call, we must use good judgment. Effective judges understand that the truth is not simple. Discernment helps us reach a wise decision and to act upon it. Which is perhaps the best way to practice discernment. Joseph Campbell, the mythologist, says that the great sacrilege in not paying attention to the call, or our hungers, or our bliss. In terms of the soul’s integrity, that sacrilege is of “inadvertence, of not being alert, not awake.”

As someone kept asking Buddha, are you a god? Buddha’s answer was “no”. “Are you an angel?” Buddha’s answer was “no”. “Who are you then?” And Buddha’s answer was, “I am awake.” When we are awake, we become a good tracker. In Tom Brown’s book, The Tracker, he says “The first track is the end of a string. At the far end, a being is moving. A mystery that leaves itself like a trail of breadcrumbs, and by the time your mind has eaten its way to the maker of the tracks, the mystery is inside you.”

The healthiest response to a calling is to take a consistent action that supports the next step. Am I listening? What am I hearing? Do I know? How are we being called? Individually and collectively at this time? What is the response and wise action that would support the call?”

––Adapted and synthesized by Angeles Arrien 
from small portions of Gregg Levoy’s book, Callings


Monthly Practice:

bulletFebruary is the month most associated with the heart, given that Valentine’s Day is celebrated widely. During this month, practice what Paul Tillich calls “the first duty of love is to listen”. Take time everyday to deeply listen to whoever is speaking, and notice what takes you out of listening. Remember that life becomes absurd (absurdus, meaning to be absolutely deaf), if we don’t listen to where we are being called internally, as well as externally.

bulletWhat is calling you at this time, and what is the response and wise action that would support the call? Take at least one action every day that will support any calls, longings or inspirations.


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