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boys and girls -

This is an excellent article by Elizabeth Weil on teaching boys and girls separately, to honor and reward their differences.  Even the ideal temperature of the room is different for boys and girls, and they respond to different colors on the walls.   They see and hear differently.   It is fascinating material, and could make a difference in how students are taught.

It is a complex issue, obviously and the article ends with this:

    "But schools, inevitably, present many curriculums, some overt and some subtle; and critics argue that with Sax’s model comes a lesson that our gender differences are primary, and this message is at odds with one of the most foundational principles of America’s public schools. Given the myriad ways in which our schools are failing, it may be hard to remember that public schools were intended not only to instruct children in reading and math but also to teach them commonality, tolerance and what it means to be American. “When you segregate, by any means, you lose some of that,” says Richard Kahlenberg, a senior fellow at the Century Foundation. “Even if one could prove that sending a kid off to his or her own school based on religion or race or ethnicity or gender did a little bit better job of raising the academic skills for workers in the economy, there’s also the issue of trying to create tolerant citizens in a democracy.”"


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