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Mort Sahl and Dick Gregory -

We saw Dick Gregory and Mort Sahl tonight.  It was quite a show and in a way that was different than I expected.  Dick Gregory came out first.  He is 75 now, and very concerned about the world and the way the Bushies generate fear.   He said God and fear are opposites.   He also spoke about this area, where nannies are paid to change the diapers of the children, and the parents walk around with bags to pick up their dog's poop.  He said we could end the war by telling people their dogs have to go fight.  People wouldn't tolerate that.   He said we have a humane society for dogs.  What do we do for people?  How are we caring for our children?

Mort Sahl came out second.  He is eighty and had a stroke two weeks ago.  Clearly, it affected what he could do and say, and he was brilliant.  He knows everybody, all the politicians of our past, and his insights were fascinating.  He, too, spoke of the churning and creation of fear.  We can't function there.  He also said that political candidates used to have fun, used to tell jokes.  You don't see that now.   They both were clear that it is a different world, and not for the better.

Dick Gregory stood at the door at the end, and I got a big hug and blessing and got to give him a kiss.  These are two amazing people and it was a privilege to see them in such a small space.   It was also a mature audience, and I wondered if the years weren't essential to understand the jokes.  At one point, they both sat on stage, and just answered questions from the audience about all they have experienced.  They would then free-associate.   They were funny in a sad way.  I suppose it is not a funny time in history, and these two certainly believe in what America was, and wish that children could know the America before Bush.   They spoke of how this was a great country, and it was founded to separate church and state.   It wasn't really funny what they said.  It was wise.  I felt two wise men were sitting up there on the stage telling me what can be, what we can return to, what was.  It was very touching and I am with the character of these two men tonight.   Also, both men spoke off the cuff.   I doubt there were writers involved, and wisdom, compassion, and understanding flowed.

I am touched.

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