Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Buying a tank -

Have you ever thought of owning your own tank?   Joe Sherman, yes, the name is ironic, has an article on How to Buy a Tank.  You need to go to central Europe and getting it home might be a problem, but the price is amazingly low.  A fixer-upper, a tank, as is, is $60,000 but a complete rebuild is $105,000.   It is not roomy inside, and, as Sherman says, "In Vermont, where I live, owning a tank would be beyond politically incorrect.  If I parked a T-72 by the brook behind my house, aimed the cannon toward Quebec, and muttered something about protecting my village from an invasion, the police would show up and probably haul me away, even if the cannon was spiked."

I suppose one could say that we taxpayers do own a tiny portion of more tanks than we want to know, and yet, I never thought of them as available for purchase for use as a garden accessory.  Of course I have never even desired a gnome.

"A Czech dad drove his kids not long ago in his tank, causing a ruckus, but he wasn't even arrested."   Joe Sherman says, "Forget your Hummers and your Smarts. Hummers are so over, and Smarts are just too cute."

I read recently that the production of pink lawn flamingos has stopped.   Why have a pink flamingo making a statement when you can have a tank protecting your front yard?

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