Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!!

I see the moon in the sky this morning.   I hang from the light and kick my feet.  It is quite a treat. 

I wake today, and know such wholeness.  I have nothing to pay back.  I just am.  We are all part of the network of stars, each holding a moving place.  We are part of a bubble floating in the air, not top, bottom, sides, in or out, though the bubble helps us define in and out,  our individuality and our oneness.   The words "Om mani padme hum" fill my head today.  I feel oneness, wholeness, peace. 

I try and capture that in a poem, and don't quite make it through the bubbled veil, and so it is.

Today My Palette

I look for a vase
for the flowers that come,
the flowers I choose to pick -

I am one in a network of stars,
holding my place
in gravitational space,
with the curve of a smile,
wound and unwound
like ribbons of lace -

I am a bubble,
no need for top,
or sides.

A bubble,
I bounce,
buoyant and clear.

Through rainbowed skin,
I am absorbed
by a spacious
coloring joy
in all I be, and see.  



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