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Good Morning!

It is a beautiful day and I again find myself at my computer amazed at the warmth and level of thought that comes my way through you, the care, heart, and courage in this online exchange.  I begin to get a picture of each of you, in my mind, as we circle and thermal in a rising warmth to understand.   I receive personal messages, too, and again, I thank you for the warmth and care, the blessing this exchange is, and the kindness and care with which we exchange and share.    What I "get" is how much each one of us cares.   This I believe.  Each one of us who reads this blog and those who respond, care, and we are all looking in mirrors to reflect.  

Joan posted this as a comment, and I'm not sure the comments always get read.  There is a place to click at the bottom of a posting. You can see if people have posted and then read what is there.   This one came from another "Good Morning," the one of March 7th.   It has the poem Fluent posted in blue.  She is responding to a post from someone who responded to me, at my suggestion of a lack of "enlightenment" in this country right now.    I suggest you read the whole exchange, to perhaps better understand where she is coming from.   She knew she had a reaction to one of the posts.  She writes to understand her reaction, her response.  I understand the motivation behind both posts, that it is important to honor what we have done, and then build from there.   We all want the same things, and Joan beautifully articulates what I'd like to hear from our presidential candidates.

I think Barack Obama reaches to listen and compromise and is the closest of the three to these ideals, which is not to say I worship him or think he is "perfect," or a God, but I think he does believe in Christian values as they were originally articulated by a man or philosophy we call Jesus today.   I am not saying this is what Joan believes, only saying if she were running for president, I would vote for her.  

I think she defines and refines what our goals, intentions, and standards might be.  You can read Joan's blog at:  http://jblindsight.livejournal.com/

Joan posted this.

I had to respond to your comment, because I was shocked by your criteria, and I wanted the opportunity to think through the reasons. This is, after all, 2008, not the 1700's, and we don't live in a third world country. I'm not sure what enlightenment might mean in a society, but I took the liberty of writing out a list of my own criteria, areas where, if mass consciousness was in agreement on the values that informed the laws/decisions in their communities and in the country, I believe life would be enhanced beyond anything we can imagine. It has to start in each individual, at the micro level, but I know that if I become the change I want to see, I will have an effect on society. We all share equally in the responsibility.

Using my criteria, it's clear that the mass consciousness of the United States is not "enlightened". Indeed, I fear we may be slipping backwards. Some say the world as we know it must end before the new age of enlightenment, the age of Aquarius, can begin. I don't know what that means, but I think we may experience unimaginable loss in the next 10 to 20 years. That is the period of time in which the oceans are expected to die if nothing is done. The clock is ticking.

Here is my list:
~creating a sustainable culture
~enforcing environmental protections
~ensuring social justice
~equality for women
~reproductive freedom
~racial equality
~creating an educational system that honors teachers, allows them to teach, and creates an informed citizenry
~fostering a cultural bias that encourages literacy and reading rates
~equity in taxes
~dealing with problem children in ways other than incarcerating them
~rehabilitating the adults in prison
~minimizing the number of children living in poverty and hunger
~reducing violence against women and children
~making health care affordable and available
~providing creative, holistic care for the elderly and the disabled
~public support for the arts (especially in schools)
~tax incentives for promising technologies

I feel that I have been priviledged to live in the most prosperous country that has ever existed, during a time of almost unimaginable growth in wealth, influence and knowledge. I have watched, over my lifetime, as the US engaged in wars that have squandered the resources of the country - human, material and monetary. These wars have made no sense, and have served only to increase the wealth of those who run the military industrial complex. We have more than enough nuclear missiles to end all life on Earth, we have left armaments, land mines and toxic chemicals strewn across every continent as well as the US itself.

I'm thinking as I write this that an "enlightened society" is one in which the members do not engage in war mentality, where there is no duality. Not in their interior dialog and therefore not in their interaction with others. Maybe the key to enlightenment is absolutely and unconditionally loving and accepting who we are, understanding that we live in a holodynamic universe where everything is connected, sacred, plays it's own unique role in the dance of life.

Thank you for posting your thoughts. It's given me a reason to filter through my own ideas, which generally sit on a shelf on the left side of my head. Or is the right side? I lose track.

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