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I take my wig out of the bag where it spent the night, and place it over a beautiful vase. The woman who sold it to me suggested it rest on a hairspray bottle, but since I never use hairspray, I don't have one of those,and I feel my wig is deserving of a vase. After all it is going to protect, disguise, and hopefully enchance me for the next who knows how many months. It looks like a pet hanging innocently on its stand. Perhaps I can squint and pretend it is softly lighted and sun-streaked flowers blooming there.

The wig is actually quite nice, though I still find it a bit intimidating. After all, I can't remove anything from a hot oven in it, or stand over steaming pots. I forgot to ask about the rain or driving in a convertible. It may only need to be washed once a month if I don't sweat in it, so I will try not to sweat. It feels very odd to see it sitting there on its vase.

It also feels odd that I never colored my hair, or used hair spray or had my nails manicured because I was concerned about the chemicals. It all feels a bit odd when I pause and consider, and, so, perhaps, I won't.

Chris went with me to pick out the wig, which somehow seemed like an intimidating chore to me, but after we had distracted ourselves a bit by driving to the East Bay for breakfast at Mama's, and looking at apartments for him, and then, going up to Crockett to have lunch by the strait at The Dead Fish Cafe, it was an easy task, and one more thing is now checked off my list.

May each of us savor this most delightful day.

in warm, sunny joy,

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