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Heron Dance -

Here is Rod MacIver at Heron Dance with more insights.

Dear Heron Dancers,

C-Span held a panel discussion a couple of weeks ago during which people who had run major presidential campaigns discussed their outlook for the upcoming election. One topic they explored in detail was the effect of subconscious reasoning on the voting decision. One expert stated the belief that the decision was 80% subconscious, another that the decision was 98% subconscious. No one believed that people vote for the reasons that they think and say they do.

Most of our thought process is subconscious. Most of us make little or no effort to harness that vast reservoir. I remember reading that Einstein came up with most of his concepts through body sensations—a pre-verbal state. The theory of the benzene ring came to Kekule in a dream. Top athletes use guided imagery to achieve performances that they could not otherwise accomplish. Mozart reportedly heard his music in daydreams. Great art is sometimes appealing to the eye, or sometimes not, but it resonates with our emotions and deeper senses.

One can use a variety of techniques to access their inner resourcefulness. Toni Morrison says she gets up before dark each morning, makes coffee and watches the “light come.” She reports that the gradual light prompts contact with the mysterious. Most artists and authors who have done work that is widely recognized for its perceptiveness and its “below the surface” character engage in some regular practice that allows them to encounter and harness their subconscious. These practices almost always involve quiet. They often involve a sanctuary—a place where the physical surroundings prompt associations with their inward life. Others make contact during physical exercise—walking in the woods, gardening, bike riding—where their minds can freely wander.

After a few weeks of making time for a kind of relaxed but directed daydreaming, your internal reservoir will get used to being accessed and when you call on it, it will welcome an opportunity to be of use.

In celebration of the Great Dance of Life,

Rod MacIver


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