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The economy -

I have purposely not mentioned the economy because it is so depressing but I follow it in the paper and in Calenorn's posts, and I think to myself, no, stay away from it.  Let this be a place of break, of soft morning and evening light, not the harsh noonday sun of exposure without shadow, but when I read this, this morning in the Chronicle, I do not understand how we continue to let Bush destroy this world.   What is going on?

This man not only thinks he is a dictator but acts and influences like one.   He speaks of Freedom.  He has not a clue what the word means. I continue to try to open myself up to the belief  that everyone has a purpose, and we are meant to learn, respect, and respond.  I know that anger is not good for my health,  but I am angry in this moment, and if it is aimed at one man, well, then, this man deserves the hatred that he continues to stir.  I don't know one person who can believe what this man is doing, and that includes people all across the political board.  How can he not be stopped?

Bush intervention led EPA to scale back ozone limits

Friday, March 14, 2008

(03-14) 04:00 PDT Washington --

The Environmental Protection Agency weakened one part of its new limits on smog-forming ozone after an unusual, last-minute intervention by President Bush, according to documents released by the EPA.

EPA officials initially tried to set a lower seasonal limit on ozone to protect wildlife, parks and farmland, as required under federal law. While their proposal was less restrictive than what the EPA's scientific advisers had proposed, Bush overruled EPA officials Tuesday and ordered the agency to raise the limit, according to the documents.

"It is unprecedented and an unlawful act of political interference for the president personally to override a decision that the Clean Air Act leaves exclusively to EPA's expert scientific judgment," said John Walke, clean air director for the Natural Resources Defense Council.

The president's order prompted a scramble by Bush administration officials to rewrite the regulations to avoid conflicting with past EPA statements on the harm caused by ozone.

The article goes on ..... though our environment may not, thanks to Bush.   What can be his motivation?

I do not understand.  It makes absolutely no sense.   I look up at a cloud now moving, arms flung.  It looks like a Macy's Thanksgiving day float.  What is the message and how do we now respond?

The word "economy" has many definitions.  Here are two from Dictionary.com.

"The management of the resources of a community, country, etc. esp. with a view to its productivity."

"The disposition or regulation of the parts or functions of any organic whole; an organized system or method."

We need to address the economy and organize for the function of an organic whole.  We need to get rid of  Bush.    We keep saying we are almost rid of him, counting the days.  Look at the damage he is doing in the meantime.  He is insane.  He is a cancer, and one does not wait to begin cancer treatment until the host is dead.   


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