Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

Another beautiful beginning to the day as the sun brings pink to the hills and sky, and now the clouds come back in to play.   It is a game of hide and seek.

Rudolph Steiner, in The Cycle of the Year as a Breathing Process of the Earth wrote:

People need learn once more to "think" the spiritual "together with" the course of Nature ....But people will be able to do this only when they can conceive thoughts so concretely, so livingly that they don't withdraw from everything that is going on around them when they think, but rather think with the course of events; the fading of the leaves, the ripening of the fruits ....When it is understood how to think with the cycle of seasons, then forces will intermingle with thoughts that will again let human beings hold a dialogue with the spiritual powers which reveal themselves from the stars.

    - Rudolph Steiner


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