Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Sleep -

I go to bed early and wake deliciously at five, and decide to give myself a little more bedtime delight, so go back to sleep and am greeted with a lovely dream.  I borrow a horse from the stable at TV and we make our gentle way down to the beach at TV and back, where there is a party going on, and little girls all dressed in white, with ribbons and baubles in their hair, and I sit at a picnic table enjoying them and a man comes up and pours me a huge glass of champagne, and then, offers me all kinds of unusual appetizers and things to eat.  I bring them home for dinner, and Jeff pops unexpectedly in.  What a treat!   Since I am meeting my other son Chris for breakfast in the East Bay, it seems I see them both  today.   I am happily rested and awake!   There is a place for sleep and dreams!


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