Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

West Marin

I returned from Inverness to an article by Jim Wood who has traveled all over the globe with his wife, and said their recent four days and three nights in West Marin were the best.  I agree.

On another note, and how wonderful that there are so many notes in this world,  Jesse Jennings writes:

    "Alan Watts was a Buddhist teacher who for a time was an Episcopal priest. His life's work was explaining Eastern philosophy to the Western mind while seeking middle ground between the two.

     He once expressed that if a flower had a God it would not be a transcendental flower, or a great big flower or an all-powerful patriarchal flower, but a field, or integrated pattern of energy, which would "not only be flowering, but also earthing, raining, shining, birding, worming and beeing.  A sensitive flower would," he added, "through its roots and membranes, feel out into this entire pattern and so discover itself as a particular exultation of the whole field" - as may we, in our own way."


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