Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Morning Thoughts on Hair!

Hair, once considered glorious, Begone!!

I am from the days of the 60’s when hair was considered a political statement. Men thrilled to the chance to have wind raise and lift their hair in waves of freedom and autonomy. Now, I have a friend whose 25 year old son is distraut at losing his hair. Mine is gone due to chemo. At first, I suffered a bit at having no hair, and now, I am happy to toss a hat on my head, and that is it as to grooming for the day. I rarely carry a purse. My credit card and money fit in my pocket. I don’t need a brush or a comb. Of course, I have the option of a wig, but what I see is that people still like me, find me attractive, perhaps, even more interesting without my hair. I am exotic this way. I am having fun. Plus, I can see and hear better without hair blocking my eyes and my ears.

How to explain this to a young man who thinks no woman will look at him because of his lack of hair? What happened to the premise that bald is sexy? My dad’s hair was thinning in his 20’s. No woman seemed to have a problem with him, certainly, not my mother. I was proud of my handsome father. Is it the media that makes the difference, every man staffed with his toupee or transplants? Do we not see bald heads as we used to? Shouldn’t they then be unique? Aren’t we attracted to what is different? What happened to Captain Jean-Luc Picard? His bald head shone forth with strength, leadership, and sexiness. Even Kojak with his lollipop seemed to do just fine.

Advertising is set up to push products. Imagine the money spent on hair in this country put to a better use. Imagine if we all shaved our heads. We would have time and money. A bald head frees up a quantity of time, and there is nothing to worry about. There are no bad hair days. There is always a different hat, or the feel of the sun and the breeze, a caress as soft as a bed. I say bring back the bare head. Hair is messy, unsanitary. It flies about, spreading into food and across floors. Give it to the birds for their nests, and let your head gleam. Stand in the sun with a friend. You won’t need a mirror. What could be better than that? Feel Free!! Be clean!! Begin! The pageant is here. Celebrate Your Head!

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