Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

The moon was a pleasure in the sky again this morning. 

Jane and I spoke about balance this morning.  It began with the subject of distortion in the news.  When one reads or listens to the whole speech of Rev. Wright or Barack Obama, there is a very different response than what comes when one hears the sound bites that are pulled out and blasted everywhere.

There is light and dark, life and death, black and white, and so many shades between.  If one watches the transition from morning dark to light, it takes place over time.  The body is churning and breathing, and slowly, the day awakes.  The same is true at night.  Perhaps it is more dramatic on the equator as the sun falls into the ocean, but where I live the transition is long and slow.  

My word for today, my intention is balance, balancing what I say, think, do, knowing that the center is always changing, and I adjust.


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