Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

poison oak -

I have managed to escape the joys of poison oak for quite a few years now, but one of my cats must have rubbed against it, since it began on my wrists, right where I pick them up, and now, each day has spread a little more.  I, in my wishful thinking,  was hoping it would just go away, but each day there is a little more, so today, I look on-line for remedies.  It seems I can rub a banana peel over it, or cook some oatmeal and make a paste and wrap in saran wrap, or use vinegar, all delightful possibilities.   I'm going to smell tropical or acidic, and be quite a wholesome lunch, as it is, at this point, in quite a range and distribution of places.  Quite fun!

I also note that I found myself dismayed that I have to wait a week for the next segment of John Adams on HBO.  I think of how long his wife, Abigail, had to wait for a letter from France, and feel a little sobered at my impatience and need for instant gratification.   I also see from the series how important one man can be.   Sometimes I hesitate to "put all my eggs in one basket", but I think, at times, that is the way to lead and be led.

We need leaders and vision.  We went to the moon.   Now, let's restore the earth.


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