Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Bearing Witness!

I  walk over to Eastwood Park and see it is now designated styrofoam free.    It is a step.

I am reading Bearing Witness by Bernie Glassman.

He writes: "Making peace, making things whole, is an endless task.  There are many definitions of a peacemaker. One of these I like most is that a peacemaker knowing that the well needs water, climbs the mountain to reach the snow, gets a spoonful of snow, comes down, drops it in the well, and goes back up the mountain.  She knows that the task is endless but she does as much of it as she can, day after day after day."

He also writes: "As soon as we know something, we prevent something else from happening. When we live in a state of knowing, rather than unknowing, we're living in a fixed state of being where we can't experience the endless unfolding of life, one thing after another.  Things happen anyway - nothing ever remains the same - but our notions of what should happen block us from seeing what actually does happen.  We get upset because our expectations aren't met.  When we can let go of them we are in accord with things as they arise."


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