Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

Jane and I had a good talk this morning about breathing and the pause.  She also mentioned a show that she saw previewed called Unnatural Causes.  It is on tonight at 10:00 on KQED where I live, and three nights thereafter.   It might explain Cheney and his continual grab for more power.  The alpha animal actually experiences less stress than the one who lacks control, wallows without hope.  It sounds like the show is worthwhile.  I am realizing now there is probably a book to accompany it.  I will check.

For now, the following is my morning exploration.  It allowed me to come to a place of peace, and see how my addictions to perfection and the "need to know" keep me functioning at a pace that is not always helpful. 

Notice today when your breath stops, when your heart catches.  Notice where you renew.   Lee suggested last night I take three breaths between each email.   Let's try to take at least one.  Inhale - Pause - Exhale - Pause.  Ah!   Awe!!



This morning something bubbles inside,

a permission not visible before.

Lee said last night,

“You can’t get rid of something until you know what it is.”

I moan, “I can’t do enough.”  Sigh. 

She says the obvious, “What’s enough?”


“I make extra effort to ….”

“What’s the extra?”

What’s the grip, the try, the holding on to rocks to climb

with such grit, determination, and gripped lips,  that everything stops,

and halts?

Nothing in nature stops or halts.  The planets rotate and revolve.

The dead recycle, always on a wheel turning.  Water lifts and falls,

moves through us, lakes, rivers, trees. 


What’s the struggle?

What am I wanting?

What is the need?


Explore with curiosity.

What does the moment ask of me?

How can I be where I am?


How can I be where I am?

In a pause, I feel the chair reach up,

and the moon raises my eyes

and the leaves just are.


The leaves just are.

I am.



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