Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning -

I went to bed tired and then couldn't sleep, so got up and started reading Double Crossed, Uncovering the Catholic Church's Betrayal of American Nuns by Kenneth Briggs.

A friend who was a nun for fourteen years loaned it to me.  I was sure it would put me to sleep.  Wrong!     I couldn't stop.  I read straight through, Bella in one chair, and me in the other with Tiger on my lap.  I finished at 2 AM.  

I knew from my nun friends that the well-deserved financial awards to those abused by the priests had affected the retirement plans of some of the nuns, but this book doesn't mention that.  It is more about  the system that was set up based on more nuns coming in, with the young supporting the elders, and that isn't happening.  Before the 50's and 60's, depending on the order,  being a nun in the US opened up possibilities that many women didn't have.  One woman I know traveled all over the world representing her order, but they weren't paid for what they did, just a stipend, certainly nothing that allowed savings for retirement and that was against the philosophy of trust anyway.  Well, the more the nuns became liberated with Vatican II, the more the church wanted to put them back in the box, back in the black, wool clothes that hid, and the women weren't going for it.  They have been punished financially and are creating new ways to care for themselves.  

It is a book that tells of the wonderful achievements and courage of the nuns.  I know two women who are still nuns and one who left, and I find their story fascinating.  This book is a font of information about the journey of a certain group of women in the last fifty or more years.   Thumbs up, I say.  

Jane will soon be here and we are heading out to Point Reyes to meet with a woman we met through Connection Well, who has now read Breast Stroke and wants to give her opinion in person.  It is a win-win, and I am thrilled as I see the fog blob over the hills.


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