Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

I am inspired!

There are three times the people signed up for this park's advocacy day as last year.  The governor's proposal has generated a response.   There are 268 of us registered to meet with various legislators in groups of five.  Many people are coming from all over on buses for the SOS rally at 12:00 on the capitol steps.  Obviously the hope is for a huge number of people and media coverage.  The intention is not to alienate legislators but to unite.   One legislator received 400 letters on the parks, and three on education.  Of course, we believe the parks are education, and we do not want to divide our forces.  There will be people here tomorrow for health and education.  We all want to work together to find solutions that work.  How creatively can we think?

It is also interesting to learn that this is not necessarily a partisan issue.  Let's hear it for Ashburn, a Republican who proposed removing any requirements that volunteers in the parks be paid a "prevailing wage."   All Democrats voted against this, while supporting Furutani, who proposed that safety net for only three years.  Boos to the Democrats on this one. 

One intention tomorrow is to ensure that the toll road does not go through San Onofre State Beach.   This is a question of state's rights and that is how we will reach the Republicans.  The Department of Commerce must not be allowed to come in and override the Coastal Commission.  CA has spoken.

Another huge issue is Anza-Borrego State Park and the unacceptable proposal by SDG&E to run an electricity transmission line through 23 miles of the park.  There are six other proposals that are much better.  We are supporting SB 404 by Kehoe "which will require a high standard of protection for state willderness areas in state parks.  SB 404 requires that any decision to de-designate wilderness areas in state parks be made by the Legislature, consistent with current law regarding designation of wilderness areas in non-state park lands."

I arrived a few hours before the meeting and checked into my hotel and then wandered around.  I had never been to this area of Sacramento, and was absolutely stunned by the beauty of the capital building.  The grounds are astonishing and are considered the most beautiful of any state capital.  I feel such hope here.  It is very clear to me that our legislators understand they are here to please us.  We need to be clear  on what we expect.  There is a money problem.  How do we work together to ensure our parks continue intact with access to all?

The attitude was positive today that we can find solutions that will please us all.  There are a number of bills right now that offer possibilities and solutions.  I will study tonight to prepare for tomorrow and I feel optimistic that both Democrats and Republicans can work together on what is so important to us all.  We have a great group gathered here, and people have worked hard to make sure tomorrow is as organized and efficient as possible.  It sounds a bit grueling and we will all go to bed early and arise awake!

I feel our parks are safe!

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