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Heart Happy

Good Morning!

This feels like holy land.  This is where order is brought to our world.  I feel it in my heart, the potential of politics that seems to get bogged down, and yet, there is a great deal of heart going on.

What I learned yesterday is that it is important that we write letters, the old-fashioned kind, not just send emails.  Email is easy and a letter may involve a little more time and effort, but consider that each letter you write sends a message that the issue is important.  .  Type it, write it, print it, put it in an envelope, address it, add a stamp and it is worth it for the attention that is paid on the other end, and attention is paid.  It is tangible.  It can be held in the hand, your words delivered to another.  Speech!


Every dollar spent in state parks produces $2.50 locally.  The fees are already high on some of these parks.  The higher the fees go, the more people will find ways to evade them, so it is important to keep the fees reasonable.


If you are interested in preserving the state parks,


You can do this:


Call the CSPF Sacramento office at:916-442-2219.

The CSPF Action Center can be found at www.calparks.org

The Save Our State Parks website is:  www.savestateparks.org

You can track bills at:  www.leginfo.ca.gov.



The resources are there.  We can’t complain that things aren’t going our way unless we comment politely and firmly and remind our legislators of their job and that they represent us.


Letter writing is important for every issue that matters to us.  We need to keep the pressure on.   Legislators are bombarded with those who want their attention.  We need to be sure we, as amateurs, lovers of our field, are represented too.  A letter a day makes the political world go more our way.


Happy another beautiful day!   You can never write too many letters.  Know that.   The post office wants your letters, loves to have something to do!!


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