Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

My Morning Poem -

Blackie’s Pasture in Tiburon – April 9, 2008




When I read that 6000 people are expected

to watch the Olympic Torch pass by,


and because I honor both the unity the torch represents,

and the Tibetan cause, I decide to go to Tiburon,


and sit peacefully, send my support to San Francisco,

from across the bay.



“Maximillian Joseph Herman!   Hey!”

The mother calls, and calls again.


I don’t see them, but clearly he is entranced with something,

a bug perhaps along the path and then they come into view.


He is maybe two, toddling along with this huge name,

and she continues to shout it out,


as she pushes a stroller along the path.

She is small, and her voice does not match her build.


I want to say, Max, or MJH, come sit here with me,

and play with the rocks at my feet, the sand.


There is a gazebo here, dedicated to a little girl, Lori,

who died.  She loved moonbeams, sunbeams, and stars.


Let’s put into context your need to dawdle,

to see what is here, and not move quickly to the playground


which is crowded, and minutely planed to be safe.

Linger here, by the bay, with the waves and the wind.


Let’s feel the Olympic flame from here,

the need to unite, the right to dissent.




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