Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

life and death -

It is odd to realize how much death is with me of late, and how could it not be so, with so many personal deaths of which I know, and the daily postings in the paper, and friends of friends, and even the blossoms that were shining so brightly pink and white, now turned to green.

I feel such an appreciation of life.  It seems to grow more and more as I go through my daily routine, rise, feed cats, make coffee, check the day outside  from both sides, front and back, and then, to my computer, then, teeth, shower, breakfast,  and, sometimes, that is reversed, depending on the schedule for the day.  Today, I approach my closet like a fairy princess, and rummage through what has not been available since fall, and dress thoroughly for spring, excited to meet a friend for lunch at an outdoor cafe.

This moment is enough, and there are more, and in this moment, I am neutral as to pain, balanced, like a teeter-totter, between down and up.


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