Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

capsaicin -

The heat of the last few days is alleviated by a welcoming hand of fog, oh, that the sun just turned pink.  Oh!!

This morning when my contact lens hit my eye, there was a sting.  I remembered the serrano chili that I cut and crushed into the guacamole yesterday.  Though I had washed my hands many times, capsaicin is a powerful substance, and added a little zing to my morning ritual.  I don't need it every morning, but it was a lovely reminder today.  

Our sensory awareness homework for this week is to "Be with breathing in the morning before getting out of bed."   "Offering yourself the possibility of having nowhere to go, and nothing to do, can you simply pause and discover how breathing comes to meet you?  How is it to meet each changing breath?  Can it be new in each moment?"

Give yourself five minutes for this today and see what comes.  I notice a new sitting. I am alert and awake, and supple, too.  

Consider a small bag made of silk, and half-way filled with sand, solid, liquid, hard, soft.  Be mobile and juicy today, and allow a sting of heat to prod awareness today.  

Happy Monday!


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