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I take the following from a column by David Brooks, because I think it is so important to look at what has happened to education in this country.  It is scary to consider that the generation I am is better educated than those who follow.   One would have hoped for more, and yet, I remember going to our local high school to check it out for my oldest son.  The cute, sweet, charming young teacher said the students would not be reading the classics in their entirety because they were too hard.  We couldn't do that to the sensitive little darlings.  I said, "We did it.  I did it, and I am not harmed."  She looked at me like I was nuts.  That was when we put Jeff in a private high school.  I knew he was more than capable of reading a whole book.   Dumbing things down to make it supposedly easier for our children is helping no one now.   The quality of life sinks for us all.

"For the first time in the nation’s history, workers retiring from the labor force are better educated than the ones coming in."

    - David Brooks


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