Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Prayers for Vultures -

Annie forwards an article to make one cry.


ens of millions of vultures across two million square miles of South Asia have been wiped out by a drug given to livestock to reduce pain, inflammation, and fever.   That drug, when consumed by birds, causes gout and death.   The result is a proliferation of dogs and rats, which results in the further spread of rabies.

Most of us never stop to thank the vultures soaring overhead, but they are key to the quality of our lives.

Thank a vulture today, and pray somehow the vultures in India and Pakistan can be brought back.  The problem is that they take five years to reach reproductive age and lay only one egg per season.

I find this so, so sad.   It is another canary in the cave, and announcement that we are all connected and have to pay attention each day.   


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