Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

you ask about the art at the new De Young -

I felt that viewing the Hatshepsut exhibit today would be enough, so my goal was to view the Egyptian art. What I mainly saw was people with headphones on their heads, with little spatial awareness or consideration, hugging their front-row spots. Where was movement, circulation, flow?

I propose for these popular, overcrowded exhibits that a mock-up is built. People can then stand around wearing their head-phones and listen and tour the mock-up. Perhaps, books could also be provided for those who prefer to read. Then, when people understand what the exhibit is about, they can enter the shrine and use all of their senses to experience the art. Those who simply want to feel the art can just enter. Perhaps, we all should remove our shoes, like entering a temple, so we truly understand and honor the transition to another time and space. It could be a way to bow and shift our mood.

I also couldn't help comparing the James Turrell's composition Three Gems, with it's already cracking plaster, to the 3500 Egyptian art we saw inside. Of course, that art was built to last. Our art, like our society, seems built to slip into the sea.

On walking through the tunnel, and circling around to enter the inner space of Three Gems, one visitor commented, "What you see is what you get." Perhaps, this is so. Mystery seems unbound, and maybe that is right for our times, where our president sees wiretapping as perfectly legal. Maybe the statement is just.

I loved the outdoors and the park. The nooks are still there. One tree, especially, is magnificent with massive roots. Beauty and truth, for me, air there. The trees stand and oversee. That is where I seem to prefer to be, at least in this moment. I'll see what the future brings.

For now, I am tucked inside with two new books by Anselm Grun, sent by Petra, arrived today. They stir my insides like steamy hot chocolate with marshmallows melting in swirls.

I ask forgiveness for my rant. I seem to be in the strangest of moods. I understand that Three Gems provided an eye to view the sky. I understand, and I have two eyes, and I view the sky. I like to see it when it sits on the hill or the grass, rather than caught in a perfect plaster man-made circle to reflect. I like the borders to be mine. To me, that is Art!

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