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I was reading that Thoreau, as we know,  wrote that we each need to find and march to our own drummer, and it is important to remember that we do need a drum, a beat.  I sit with that as I consider the richness of these days, and how we can choose to beat in tune with the pulse of the sun or the moon.  We have choice over how much light we produce, radiate, or plait.  We can burst forth like the early fruit trees or hold back a bit and maybe wait with the buckeye trees to venture forth with new leaves into the light.

There isn't much history where I live as compared to Rome or China, but we do have Miwok burial grounds bordering my section of the bay.  We had The Fireside which was a speakeasy and then had the best margaritas and then was shut down.  It seems there was always something uneasy about it, something haunted, and now that the new building of housing for the elderly and low-income, which in this area, is actually not that low, is almost complete, they have decided to announce it is built on a Miwok burial ground.  They have found the bones. 

I wonder about building on such a site and certainly quiver at the covering it up.  We need to value the land, and balance its uses, its pace, and the population is increasing, and we will increasingly notice and utilize striations in the air.

For now, live in bird song and polish your inner stairs.   We still have an environment asking for notice and care.


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