Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Checking in -

I sit now, calm and peaceful after an Essential Motion session with Karen Roeper in Muir Beach. The sounds of the waves and the gulls were with us, and I found myself feeling that this time is a way for me to be like a large, round rock, a rock with nothing to do, but be bathed in the air and the waves. Of course, I did go to the grocery store afterwards, as I do need to eat, and a rock is more of a place for birds and animals to feast, and yet, for moments I was a rock bathed in the waves, silently receiving currents, with nothing to do.

In feeling the gift of this, the transformation that will occur as the fast growing cells in my body are put to rest and the slow have a chance to perk up and observe, I felt also like a turtle. My head and neck felt mobilely curious outside my shell, which now has fallen off and is eaten by the dust.

We worked today with moving slowly, as I continue uncoiling the impact of what has felt like an onslaught to me. I slowly unroll movement in myself. I circle and sway. And now, like Mr. Rogers I ask. "Can you circle and sway?"

I suggest now that you use your imagination to move slowly through your body and feel what is there. What animals, plants, and stones are actively residing in you? Where? Move one shoulder forward and, then back a miniscule amount, and then, wiggle the other shoulder, and then both. Are you an iguana, an elephant, a snake? Move your fingers. Feel the movement in your heart, your core. My heart right now is flopping and flipping all over the place. It is so happy to be a fish in the sea that is me.

Karen informs me that this Cirque du Soleil is about Angels. It sounds like we all must go.

I would like to offer a suggestion. I believe you all know what Eyes of the Beholder has meant to me. Well, there is an opportunity for some of you to participate in 2006. Check out Karen's web-site at www.Essential-Motion.com. Eyes is a wonderful gift, to yourself!!

Take care, and note how mi-nute the movement you feel. Isn't it fun?

in soft wiggling mode,
and chattering like a quail,

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