Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

I read the news this morning.  I'm sure you read it too.  It seems overwhelming, the problems, distortions, lies, policeman getting off for shooting a black man, the attacks in every way.

The movie, The Valley of Elah, is so powerfully done and I couldn't see it when it first came out.  I had to wait to build a place in myself and then see it in my home.  What does it say if I struggle with the movie about the event?   How am I facing what needs to be faced to be changed?

I'm taking a news break for the day and maybe the whole weekend, and that doesn't mean I'm not aware of it, because I am.  Maybe this way I digest it better, don't let it slip away.

It is so easy to slip into a blissful place, and I certainly prefer to look on the bright side, and it is hard to do right now with so much going on around the world, and maybe we need it to get this bad before we wake up and say, yes, it's time to do.

Oddly, I don't feel angry, and maybe it is that I am numb, and yet, I feel my heart very clearly.  I ask it to expand around the pain and not hate or judge, while also knowing how deeply it is time for change.

May Barack Obama continue in his message of hope, and not be sidetracked.   May we continue to have a vision of change, and bring it to reality and light.  We humans are a complex bunch, and we are studying to understand ourselves.  Perhaps in this lifetime, we will eliminate war.   Maybe we need this travesty to wake us up big-time.  Of course, one might have thought WWII and the holocaust would have done that, but the wars have continued, and now we must say stop. 


Peace in ourselves, reflecting out in myriad ways.

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