Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

A New Day!

Can one read the news and put on a happy face?  I did read that students from my local elementary school released ladybugs into the air yesterday.  That is promising amidst all the anger and differences.   So, now, Clinton, too, says we should cut the gas tax for the summer.  Are people really that short-sighted?  It will save the average consumer $30.00 and this one issue may hand it to Clinton, she who voted for the war and speaks in a war-like manner.   How she manages to portray herself as blue collar is mind-boggling to me, but it seems she is.     I continue to think the Republicans are giving the Democrats the weakest candidate so they can slam it in and bring in McCain, and if people fall for it, then we could say we get what we deserve, except the country is so diverse now.  Who can appeal to all?    I find it discouraging.

Also, it seems the budget deficit in CA is twice what it was thought to be.  Chinese students are angry at being judged on Tibet.  They have been propagandized to believe Tibet does belong to China.  On the other hand, they are absolutely correct that if we don't like it, why are we living on their goods and money.    Ah, big breath!   It is a day to find  peace within and live there. That is the place to begin.

Also, according to Ode Magazine, the U.S. is  not in the top ten countries of those who read the most.  Perhaps that is part of the problem.    India is the highest with the average weekly hours per person being 10.7.   I'm not sure how the statistic is determined, whether it includes books and magazines, and online reading, but Thailand is next with 9.4, China, 8.0, Philippines, 7.6, Egypt, 7.5, Czech Republic, 7.4, Russia, 7.1, Sweden, 6.9, France, 6.9 and Hungary 6.8.

Read something today.  We need to get our numbers up.   I'm happy to do my part!

It is a great world and day.  Listen to Louis Armstrong.   Sing.   Sing your own song, loudly and clearly.  It is a good time to air our lungs and give them something joyful to do, besides close in terror at the news.   Rejoice.  Sing!   Shake a leaf and enjoy the exchange in air.   


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