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Heart Happy

Information from Joyce -

"The Queen Hatshepsut exhibit had several images of the tilapia fish, the perch of the Nile. It was and is an important food source and it holds its eggs in its mouth, incubating and hatching the baby fish from its mouth. For this reason the tilapia symbolizes regeneration and is associated with the Sun God Re."

    Isn't that a wonderful image? A fish holding its eggs in its mouth, until they incubate and hatch.

Joyce heard Angeles Arrien speak about her latest book, The Second Half of Life. She says the years of sixty and over are the Wisdom Years. In Dr. Gene Cohen's book, The Creative Age, he says that Dr Seuss said, "You're only old once." Yes!!  Celebrate the wisdom and freedom of age!!

Spinoza suggested asking these 3 questions every day.

    What made me happy today?

    Where did I find a sense of peace, comfort, solace today?

    What/Who inspired me today?

    Inspiration leads to fire, the fire of creativity. 
    Let's spark and flame, and use the ash to compose the new stage.


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