Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

dispelling stereotypes on mother's day -

I seem to single-handedly be filling a car control clinic with males and females.  I was surprised then this morning to receive this email from my husband who I perceive as more enlightened and who I believe to be more enlightened than this.

"It occurs to me that if you enjoyed the car control clinic, you might write to them and suggest one which is solely for women. This can take the intimidation out of attending for many women, worried that they will be lost in a haze of testosterone-induced tire smoke..."

What I noticed at the car control clinic is that the women were often the wild ones, and maybe it is a select group that takes it, but there were many timid males, and the guys who taught it were all soft and gentlemanly.  Actually more donuts were probably done by the female instructors.  I think Hillary has shown us that we no longer need to disguise the strength of women.  She has gone down and dirty as much as any man.  Barack has held the high road.  It is not about male - female.  Each one of us resided in a female for nine months.  We know female.  We then come out into an external world.  Men have a part that waves around and makes them very vulnerable.  They are more aware of the outside, more able to touch it, and women have an inner place that is interesting to contemplate, a place to dwell, but I think gender roles and stereotypes have with this election campaign been  dissipated.  We all have passion and energy, enthusiasm and care.   In the East, the female energy is honored for its wisdom, and the male energy for its compassion.

I think the armor that has been put on males and the fragility that was set on females has harmed us all.   This campaign has set new records in all sorts of ways, but perhaps the biggest will be the total dissolution of racial and sexual stereotypes.  I applaud Barack and Hillary for that.  


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