Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy


I barely slept there was so much excitement in the warm night, and this morning I don't believe I've ever heard so much twittering.  I could hear and feel it and had to be up to be with all the night creatures and the movement of the moon.  I read two books instead of sleeping, Barbara Hurd's Walking the Wrack Line, On Tidal Shifts and What Remains, and Ezra Pound's ABC of Reading.  Both are short and delicious, great books for the night. 

We had a twenty cubic feet debris box delivered this morning, and I am looking forward to filling it.  We used to be able to fit both cars in the garage.  Now, it is a squeeze for one, and so it is time to go through the stacks of stuff and see what can go.  I am in the mood for it..

It is a Spare the Air day, so a good day to be home and begin removing the clutter that accumulates, stagnates and clogs.  I am ready for new movement.   We do this about every six years.   It is again time

Mark Doty -

    Is that what soul or spirit is, then, the outward-flying attention, the gaze that binds us to the world?


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