Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!!

It is another beautiful morning.  My whole body responds.  Of course, all these lovely days mean water becomes even more precious.  I am gradually weaning my plants.  They understand that their roots are going to have to work a little harder to conserve and the luxurious moisture that I have been allowing them at times is coming to an end.

I hear there is rain in Vancouver and wonder why a little of it could not wander down our way, but it seems sunshine is our gift for the day.

My son and his wife-to-be custom-designed her engagement ring and it is quite special as all rings that bind two people together are.  It was stolen yesterday.   She had taken it off for a dance class.   The ring and money were taken.  She thinks she saw who did it.   My son can understand that the person who took it was not raised like us, does not know that theft is wrong.

They had planned to insure it, were talking about it the night before.

I feel sad about it on all fronts.  It is an incredible financial loss, and there is the sentiment and care with which it was chosen and given.

Part of me thinks it is a lesson in non-attachment.   Another part thinks that the one who stole it will realize, and again I go back to non-attachment.  We all kept saying last night, at least we are all healthy and well.  Imagine what might have happened.   It could be so much worst and that is true.

When I would go to my medical appointments after surgery and when in chemo and doing radiation, I would always see people so much worst off than I.  I would walk around thinking how blessed and lucky I was.   That is the way to treat this.   The people who are closest to me are well in this moment, and I give thanks for our health, while also sending out blessings to those I know who could use a little nudge.

Health, love, care - what else is there?

Love, peace, and understanding to all!

And I would love to see the ring returned.


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