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The fog is in -

We are wrapped this morning. Wood smoke is in the air, unlike the smoke down south right now. I hear from Jeff that their skies are eerie. This fire is not as close as the last one but their sky is dark. May the moisture of the fog help put the fires to rest.

Jane put the following poem on Connection Well yesterday. It is one of many poems given to her on her 60th birthday.

I keep coming back to it. Each line is a treasure. It is a translation and appears deceptively simple, and I think encompasses his whole philosophy of life. He was an amazing potter. You can read about him here:


Enjoy and sink, rise, empty, fill, each breath a precious gift.

A Poem by Kanjiro Kawai

Nothing is --
Look, and it is.

Not seeing all,
We cannot see all there is around us.

Everything is an expression of the self.

I am you,
The you that only I can see.

I want to see a new self.
I work.

Somewhere I am --
I go out. I search.

I've come to this world to find myself.
I've come to this world to see myself.

I buy something --
I have bought myself.

I marvel,
And I marvel
At the self
That can marvel.

What a wonderful eye,
This eye that can see this world!

A stone comes walking,
A stone comes laughing.

I am not me.
I am but another pebble In a river bed.

To live is my task,
To work, my living.

Work which does not seek beauty,
Beauty which follows work.

In itself, machinery cannot be;
It is but an extension of man.

Beauty loves man,
Beauty seeks to be loved by man,
Beauty seeks to be possessed by man.

Though it seems hopeless,
We are still saved,

What a wonderful Now!
It is surely eternity.

My past has been an infinite past,
My future is endless before me.

He is not in time,
Nor in space.
He is neither in time nor space.

The eye that sees what cannot be seen.
The ear that hears what cannot be heard.
The body that knows what is not known.

Nothing is lacking -- seek and it appears.
Nothing is unknown -- something knows.
Nothing is impossible -- something can do it-- the unknown self.

He who does not follow the path;
He who makes a new path.

An endless land.
A new world -- the unknown self.

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