Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Six down. Two to go. Yay!!!

Today went well. I met with the oncologist who is a sweetheart. She was happy to see me smiling. I guess that is pretty unusual in her world. My feet and hands are close to infection, so I am supposed to watch them daily, and return if anything changes. I am babying them as much as I can.

On the aching, it is because those white blood cells are fighting so hard. She is just amazed that the body is able to fight back in the way it does. I am essentially being poisoned, and each two weeks my body fights its way back, but that is why the achiness. If it is too much, they can give me a lesser dose shot five days in a row. I am going to try and stand the three or four days of relatively intense pain, and shoot my way (pun intended) through this. It is now time to talk to the radiologist. I am really moving along. Yay!! It is so wonderful to know there is an end in sight. I feel I will be mainly done by the end of May. Yay!!

I am so appreciative of my doctor. A woman was receiving chemo who has a different doctor. She didn't know what odds chemo gave her, or how many more treatments she had. That seems amazing to me. Every time I go, my doctor or one of the two nurse practitioners spends as much time with me as I want or need answering questions and checking me out. I said my feet were sore. She wanted to see them. I am impressed with that.

I learned that Marin Cancer Care is a wonderful place. They charge 1/10 what it would cost if I went to the hospital for the same treatment. There was a man there who was concerned about his medical coverage. He had medical insurance, but he was afraid it wouldn't cover it all, and he thought he might owe $10,000. They said worry only about your health. You can talk to someone and they will set it up, so you can pay whatever you can, when you can, but don't worry about it now. If you pay it back at $100.00 a month, that is fine. I feel good about that. The man is from Guatamala, and has been working and has health insurance. He was trying to understand why he owes money for his medical costs while some of his friends without jobs and health insurance don't. It is a funny system. Everyone in this country should have excellent medical care. I don't mind paying taxes. I am happy to pay taxes, and I want something back - health care, education, roads, parks. I'm easy to please. : - )

It was quite overcast while I was there, and the birds were all asleep until the very end when the sun finally poked through. Then, they, too, flew about. The tree still has no leaves, not even any buds. I feel we are the same, me with the bones of my skull and the tree with its limbs. There was a small, controlled burn on Mount Tam today. It seemed like a good day for that. I pretended someone was enjoying a fire. It seemed more romantic that way.

Today was quick, under five hours by twenty minutes, and relatively painless. They cut the Benadryl dose in half so I was able to rest, instead of feeling jumpy like last time. All is well with me. Thank you for all your prayers, visualizations, and care. It makes a difference for me. Thank YOU!!! Keep visualizing red and white blood cells in the most jubilant joy of renewal and play. They only get knocked back two more times now. We're counting the days, my blood cells and me. : )

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