Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

a joy to leave - full bliss to return -

It is lovely to go away and wonderful to return. Also, the fog is returning. The summer breezes are back. Bella is here in the chair next to me, washing her foot.

It was hot when I got to Point Reyes Station and I enjoyed lunch at the Station House Cafe. I was seated outside in the shade right next to the fish pond.

I headed out to the beaches, and went swimming first at Shell Beach, where the water was so warm, it felt like Hawaii. I floated like an otter in kelp. I then went to Heart's Desire, wanting the water to create some sort of invigorating refreshment, and the water was a little cooler there, and I could be in the shade when I sat out. I dipped in and out and then headed to Abbott's Lagoon.

I then checked in to the Eagle's Nest at the Blackthorne Inn. Oh, my!!


Heaven!! An octagon! Windows! Trees!!

The room is like living in a lighthouse and sways like a nest in a tree. I went up top and a bird perched right next to me and sang and sang. I could see the movement of the song through his or her whole body. What a treat!!

It was hot, so I kept all windows open and it was like living in the trees. When I got in bed, I felt so safe, safer than I have ever felt, and I remembered how we used to live in the trees before we stepped off into the savanna. I think it was a return to that feeling, the safety of the trees. It was hard to sleep with all the excitement. First the sun went down, and then, the stars came out, and then, the moon came up, and somehow I always know when Steve's plane lands. It was late, so got in after midnight. I slept on and off, but was so entertained, that I finally got up at four, and headed down the road, figuring I could walk to Pt. Reyes station and maybe something would be opened before seven. Steve was planning to come out on his motorcycle and meet me at the Busy Bee at 8:00.

Cell phones don't work in Inverness, nor did the wireless. I brought about ten books, and yet, mainly just sat and watched and absorbed.

It was an easy walk to Point Reyes though I was amazed at the number of cars out so early on a Saturday morning. I saw one long-bed truck delivering bales of hay. That made sense. I heard cows mooing as I walked and chickens clucking and one lazy rooster letting out a low cock-a doodle without the do.

I discovered a path along the marsh with benches scattered about, so had a leisurely walk and hit the town early enough to discover nothing open.

I was reminded of Theresa's comments on her recent visit to Cuba. There are no coffee houses, no places to go, no destinations like here, so people meet to walk and philosophize. I thought I was walking for coffee, but there was none to be had. It is good to walk without destination or goal. Discoveries are to be had!!

I did return to Inverness at seven and had some coffee at the deli/grocery and walked some more along the marsh until 8 when Steve came. In three hours, I was the only one I saw walking, and yet there were innumerable cars and trucks.

I saw the moon go down and the sun come up. Heaven!!

We went out to Drake's Beach and there was some wind, a good sign that the fog was returning. We returned to our tasty room with its continuous bird song and sat and read on our private deck. We had dinner at the Olema Inn, our anniversary dinner, which was a bit disappointing, in that the dishes were so complicated that we thought the special for the evening sounded like a comedy routine on Saturday Night Live. The "simple" salad was a mix of so many tastes that I thought a rainbow had been dropped. What is wrong with simple? Also, in honor of sustainability, they are serving mainly local wines, which means wines made in Marshall and Point Reyes. Think of the weather there and know that you are not getting a central coast chardonnay. The body is south.

As the fog softly sipped in we were able to close the windows, though the birds were still singing so loudly, we could hear them through the glass. People go to Costa Rica to be up in the forest and hear birds. Go to the Blackthorne Inn instead and stay in the Eagle's Nest.

We agreed this morning we were ready for home, so headed out early and now are happily home, and I watch the fog on the hill.

Chris and Frieda are coming by today, and I felt a shift in my being on Friday, so when I got a phone call for a Rosen session I said yes, and will now get my Rosen room in shape to go back to work. I gave up my Rosen practice when I was diagnosed with cancer, and my strength, not the full strength I require of myself, had not seemed to return, but my second son will be married, my energy is returned, and it is time to return to the work that I love. I begin tomorrow!!

I am amazed at how the universe knows. I am ready to begin!!

Oh, driving back this morning was beautiful, and as I turned up the hill from Stinson and entered the trees, the sun was shining through a tree, and sending out rays so strong you could walk on them. I found myself toning Om the whole way home, my body resonating with the vibrations that changed as I went in and out of the hill and then, becoming something else all together as I returned to "civilization" and breakfast at the Dipsea at 7.

Now, home!


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