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Sobering - Please read!!

I just received this by email from my friend Brenda Blackburn. She is a vibrant, happy, healthy woman of 41. Here is her frightening and surprising report. It is for each of us to pay attention, as we well know, to our health.

Hi family, friends, and colleagues,

Sorry for this blanket email, but I feel it's so important and could help to save somebody's life, so I'm sending it to everyone!

Most of you don't know yet, but Friday I was diagnosed at the hospital with the condition, DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). This is serious condition that kills more people in Canada (and U.S.) than breast cancer, aids, and mva's combined. I had NO idea.. and figure you may not know about it either.

Here's how it happened for me: 2 wks. ago I woke up with with a pain in the back of my right leg (calf)... it felt like a cramp or the tailend of a charley horse... tender... achey... a little difficult to walk on at times. I wrote it off to being a pulled muscle... and therefore left if for so long. For other possible symptoms see: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/deep-vein-thrombosis/DS01005/DSECTION=symptoms .

I was supposed to leave tomorrow (Mon.) a.m. with Rob to Toronto to visit family, so thought I'd check with the Dr. on Friday afternoon just to make sure that I wouldn't make my leg worse. He told me that not only was I not going to go to Toronto, but that I probably had DVT and to get to the hospital asap. (DVT is a blood clot in the deep veins--usually leg--and if it breaks loose can cause PE--pulmonary embolism).

After going to Burnaby hospital emergency, and prelim diagnose and bloodwork, they rushed to give me an injection into my belly (yeah...fun) of blood thinners. Then I had to go back in on Sat. a.m. for the Doppler ultrasound which proved positive for a blood clot from my knee all the way to my ankle of my right leg. Then another blood test, another injection, and a prescription of which the hospital now calls me everyday to give me the dosage based on that morning's bloodwork.. because it must be that precise. Again today, and this will continue for awhile. To prevent hospitalization, I am on outpatient status and must be at the hospital daily for the timing being. Tomorrow (because it's Monday) I get to meet the DVT program counsellor and officially begin my long-term monitoring program. After I am "out of the woods" and stabilized (meaning it looks like the clot won't break away, move, and go up my body), then I just stay on drugs for several months... this is not a quick-fix... and will be on long-term condition, perhaps affecting me for some time. (Now I can appreciate how my Dad felt when he had blood clots!)

They figure that the primary cause for me was being 41 and on oral contraceptives, and have made me quit immed. But there are MANY risks factors (from age, to injuries, to air travel, to smoking... you name it). ANYONE CAN GET DVT--from young to old, healthy to invalid, pregnant, etc.. (Singer from the pop group Hansen has it and he's young (and a man---so not a birth control problem for him)! It is slowly gaining awareness in the U.S., but not many people know about it in Canada. Here are some of the causes: http://www.dvtawarenesscampaign.com/page_1167839485347.html.

I know this sounds like yet another forward email about medical conditions to watch for, but I can only hope that more people become aware of this silent killer (sometimes it doesn't even have symptoms.) I am fine and feeling good, but I was sure shocked by this and didn't have a clue about any of it before!

Here's a really quickie video about it:

Thanks for listening... please pass it on so we can spread education and save people!!!!

Have a great day,


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