Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Dancing through the "o" in God!

I am reading J. Ruth Gendler's book, Notes on the Need for Beauty.

I love the idea of dancing through the o in God.

Gendler writes:

Walt Whitman wrote:

Was somebody asking to see the soul?
See your own shape and countenance, persons, substances, beasts,
the trees, the running rivers, the rocks and sands.

The double gaze opens out into the world, into the self. Moment to moment we are looking out, looking in, breathing out, breathing in. Our task becomes simultaneously to attend more to the inner world and to find ourselves in the world around us, like our ancestors, who knew that memory is stored not only in our brains but in our landscapes. Often we speak of inner life as the life of dreams and yearnings, intuitions and emotions, the world of the spirit in contrast to the outer world of time and taxes, deadlines and dishes. Inner life also suggests the inner life of the body - muscle and bone marrow, vertebra and capillary, nerve cell and lung tissue. Outer world is also tree root and river rock, anthill and cloud. At some point the distinction between inner world and outer world itself dissolves.

Years ago I worked with a dance teacher who took us outside to dance under the sky, and we discovered that dancing outside is a special ecstasy, to dance in and with nature. One night she invited us to dance through the o in God. Another night she said we usually assume the soul is a tiny element somewhere inside the body, a bright light in the mind or in the heart. What if the soul is big, bigger than the body, and the body rests inside the soul? As we dance through space, extending feet, hands, elbows, ribs, we are brushing up against our soul, moving in an energetic circle that is our soul. The body inside the soul! Everything turns inside out. The soul becomes as immense as the sky. Dancing with each other, we are moving together in this soulful air.


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