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My words for the wedding -

These are the words I shared at the wedding amidst the wisdom of the redwood trees.


My Words for the Wedding:


My teacher Charlotte Selver used to say that, “A moment is a moment.”  It took me years to understand what that meant, and I won’t say that I fully do now, but what I see is that Chris and Frieda embody those words, “A moment is a moment.”   The beauty that these two share, the laughter, love, acceptance, intellect, and joy is beautiful to watch, and that is not to say that they don’t embrace the fullness of life, the horror, the terror, the pain, because they do.  They are both involved in changing the world for the better.   They are workers who know how to play.  They embody the best of the ant and the grasshopper.   I listen to them giggle, see them snuggle, and I share in the joy that these two people, these two who have learned and worked to be complete and whole on their own, have also found their other half.


What so inspires me is how much alike they are, how compassionate, empathetic, sympathetic,  how they both reach out and out and out to be there for others, and to unite them in an atmosphere that, yes, accepts the pain, and reaches fully for the joy.    They don’t back off.  They delve.  Their life is rich, both separately and together, and together, they power a knock-out punch.


People often prefer one person in a couple to the other, but, again, what is so astounding to me is that Chris and Frieda so completely embody beauty, beauty in the truth of John Keat’s words, “Beauty is truth, truth beauty.”  The joy of each one, and the bubbling of the two of them together truly is a warm cauldron in which we all can seep, and we do. 


Their words today, “I do,” include us all.  We do love, these two.  







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