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Morning -

It is morning and day begins.  I will talk to Jane at seven as I usually do on morning weekdays.  I feel rested and I am with the beauty of the place, Wildwood, the bride and groom, and all those who helped.   I have now seen Wildwood in all four seasons and it is beautiful in each one, and was especially spectacular while we were there.  I will return to the town of Guerneville. 

This event was well-orchestrated and well-planned, ten months of it, and, as we all know, life provides its own entertainment.  We may be the bowling ball, pins, or alley, but no matter how one looks at it, our final score card shares gutter balls, spares and strikes.  Chris and Frieda are exuberant, happy, and thrilled and probably exhausted this morning.

It has been suggested back in December that they marry for tax purposes, but they chose not to and created what they wanted and worked hard to bring family and friends together and they did.

Now, a new day dawns for us all, as it does each day and it is up to us to know what to do with it, to orchestrate and choose.

I met Rhett in my first moments at Wildwood.  He is a volunteer who believes in the beauty and honoring of the place.  Though when we arrived there was still a great deal to be done on the place, and the staff seemed a bit concerned that all would not complete, he was walking around smiling.  I asked him about his joy.  He said he had open heart surgery five years ago.  He went "under" listening to Chopin and Handel's Ode to Joy.  He woke six or seven hours later filled with joy and vowing to live each moment choosing joy.  He realized he had a choice.

I have said before that I think the world is influenced by the vast number of people who might have died but were "saved" by modern medicine.  I am aware that the most interesting and delightful people go through chemo, and that is so but maybe it is that we are all delightful and interesting and we uncover it a little bit more throughly when we go through something like chemo or surgery.  Of course, then, there is Dick Cheney who doesn't seem to be affected by his medical procedures.  His heart is not softened, by what, for many,  is a life-change.

The point is to enjoy this day and see how many smiles your heart can contain.   Peer out with Beauty and Joy!


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