Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Morning Eyes!!

It's a beautiful day here.   The fog has offered its cooling hand and yet waits over the hill so there is sun monitored breeze.  My book group meets here tonight, so it is a question of what to serve.  I was leaning toward chicken and potato salad served outside, but it is looking like warmer nourishment is required along with inside dining.   I apologize to those roasting in heat.  I know Penny will arrive from Walnut Creek in shorts and a sleeveless shirt.  I keep a supply of jackets for those who cannot believe there is a place of summer cold.

It is hard though to lift above the news, cholesterol drugs for children, sunscreen that doesn't prevent melanoma, continuing fires, and, perhaps worst of all, huge disappointment that the Senate approved the bill expanding the government's surveillance powers and granting immunity to the phone companies that cooperated in the wiretapping program.

Last night I read the novel The Distant Land of My Father by Bo Caldwell.  It is a well-researched look at Shanghai from the 1930's through the Communist period and a peek at now.  It is written as a daughter looking at her father's life and certainly the subject matter is interesting though I felt an emotional distancing that I didn't quite understand, though much of it is about a daughter emotionally distancing herself from her father so perhaps that is it.   It is an easy, quick read and it is sobering to read of a man imprisoned for no reason two different times, even in a novel, and  then read of more government surveillance in this country. 

Anyway, I am trying an experiment today.  Since I have been struggling to read labels, my husband suggested I go to Cost-Co and buy three sets of reading glasses for $18.00 something like that.  I resisted, especially since I think a visit to Cost-Co destroys a few more of my brain cells but it was an intelligent way to gather supplies for the wedding, so I bought three pair of glasses packaged as one,  and placed them around the house, and ignored them, until today.  It is amazing, they really do work, so I have been using the computer and putting everything in bold, which I may still do, but by slipping on these glasses I actually can see a very distinct screen.  Amazing.  I am slow to change.

I suppose now that both of my sons are married, I can admit that I might need reading glasses, at times.  :)


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